This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Soon, Scott and Malia began to lose control over their transformations, with Scott unable to shift, and with Malia unable to keep her claws from extending. The high school is also seated on the second most powerful convergence of telluric currents in Beacon Hills, California, making the space especially powerful for those who know how to manipulate the currents. In Strange Frequencies, Ken Yukimura summoned Kira to his classroom under the guise of helping him set up some new artifacts; however, in reality, she was really there to be tested by Noshiko, who had noticed Kira's increased difficulty controlling her Kitsune spirit and wanted to see how strong she was. International Baccalaureate, Evaluation Report. (Read More...), Scott battles the Anuk-ite here and destroys the shapeshifter once and for all. (Read More...), The sign is thrown into the school by an unknown creature causing massive damage, and Scott and Liam fight in the library during the super moon. The Beacon Hills High School lacrosse team held their annual try-outs, where Scott, Jackson, and Stiles, among others, made the team, with the former two making first line. When Stiles went upstairs to try to figure out how the virus started, he eventually realized that the virus was exposed by the students through the ink pad that they used to put their thumbprints on their papers for identification purposes. Just as Liam was about to confess the truth about him being a Werewolf in the McCall Pack, a large black wolf appeared (who, unbeknownst to them, was Theo Raeken, who was actually a Chimera who could full-shift into a wolf rather than an actual Werewolf), scaring Liam and Mason and chasing the two into the school. Malia hallucinated that coyote traps had broken through the floors in the hallways that snapped over her wrists and ankles before impaling her through the neck. In After Images, In A Promise to the Dead, the Beacon Hills Cyclones had a scrimmage against Devenford Prep, but since Scott and Kira had been captured by Kate Argent, it was up to Stiles and Liam to win the game. However, instead of going to the nurse, Hayden went to the girl's restroom, where she realized upon washing her bloody wrist that her wounds had completely healed, much to her shock and horror. Finstock has also previously required that all of the members of his lacrosse team also join the cross-country team to ensure that they don't get out of shape during the off-season, though it is unknown whether or not he has continued to do so. In Currents, Deucalion came to the high school to see Scott, where he tested the young Werewolf by challenging him to try to take his cane in exchange for the location of where the Darach had taken Alan Deaton to be sacrificed as her third Healer. Stiles and Erica jumped in to restraint Scott and Jackson, respectively, while Allison, who had been talking to Jackson prior to the fight, watched in horror. However, Derek evaded the claymore mine that The Mute had set up and defeated him in a fight, allowing Sheriff Stilinski to begin to arrest him. That night, at the Beacon Hills Cyclone's lacrosse scrimmage against Devenford Prep, Garrett used a yellow wolfsbane-laced blade to cut Brett on the field so that, after being brought into the locker room for treatment by paramedics, his girlfriend and assassin partner Violet could kill him and obtain his $1 million bounty. Despite threats of bodily harm from fellow Werewolf Derek Hale, who feared Scott would lose control again and expose their kind to the human population, Scott ultimately played in the game and only began to shift at the very end, allowing him to rush off the field before anyone could notice. Scott initially believed that he had dreamed the entire thing, and his subconscious replaced Garrison with Allison Argent, but ultimately realized what had truly happened the next day when Garrison was found mauled by the police. Scott continued to be in a trance during his asthma attack until Liam, who had found an inhaler for him, brought it to him and used his Werewolf eyes and voice to snap Scott out of it enough to use the inhaler. It is the hometown of the Perfectionists in the book series. Mr. Harris went on to admit that something seemed to be especially motivating to Jackson lately, not knowing that it was because of his intent to figure out what was going on with Scott. This forced Scott and Stiles to leave Allison and Matt in the wrecked library so they could take the still-seizing Erica to Derek for treatment. In Second Chance at First Line, the Beacon Hills High School lacrosse team prepared for their first scrimmage of the season. Ms. Ramsey, concerned by this behavior, assured them that there was no problem at all-- Lydia was in all AP classes with grades so high it pushed her above a 5.0 average, and she had excellent leadership qualities, leading Ms. Ramsey to want to have Lydia's IQ tested due to how talented she was. Mason stopped dead in his tracks at the sound of Liam's roar and turned just as Liam shifted back, and when Liam anxiously informed Mason that there was something he needed to tell him, Mason excitedly realized that Liam was a Werewolf, showing no fear whatsoever. Not wanting to kill them, Scott, Isaac, and Derek sought out the help of Chris Argent to capture Boyd and Cora without harming them. Furious at the Alphas for their role in Erica's death, Isaac took the twins' bait and met them outside in the hallway, where Ethan and Aiden began fighting each other while Isaac watched in confusion. The CDC then left once the humans were fully recovered, as the virus was only designed to be fatal to canine shapeshifters such as werewolves, Werecoyotes, and Kitsune. (Read More...), The school's principal is kidnapped and tortured by Chris and Victoria Argent. Afterward, Scott, Stiles, Kira, Lydia, and Malia went inside the high school and headed into the library for Senior Scribe, where each senior wrote their initials on the bookshelf where their yearbooks were stored. In Formality, the Winter Formal dance was held in the high school's gymnasium. The lacrosse team is especially noteworthy. In Fireflies, after Vernon Boyd and Cora Hale were released from a hecatolite-lined bank vault that had prevented them from feeling or shifting during the full moon for the last three months, they began running feral around Beacon Hills. Overview of Beacon High School Beacon High School is ranked 52nd within New York. It is analogous to Beacontown High School, which was the primary setting of the original 1985 Teen Wolf movie. In Abomination, Derek and Erica cornered Stiles at the high school's indoor swimming pool to question him about the new shapeshifter in town. In Riders on the Storm, In Said the Spider to the Fly, 2021 rankings and reviews for public high schools zoned for Beacon Hill. In Sundowning, Students in this program are trained to meet the academic and physical requirements necessary to enlist in one of the five United States Armed Forces factions after graduation-- the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, or the Navy. }}. When Scott arrived in Werewolf form to rescue the Sheriff, and Stiles attempted to get in through the locked door, Jennifer used her powers to kill the piano recitalist downstairs to be used as the last Philosopher sacrifice before capturing Sheriff Stilinski and taking him away. (Read More...), The school held a memorial concert for the murder victims caused by the Darach. Braeden emptied her shotgun ammunition into the Beast, which scared it off and caused it to flee through the wall of windows. Teen Wolf revolves around Scott McCall, a high school student living in the fictional California town of Beacon Hills. The next night, the McCall Pack, including Mason, Corey, Brett Talbot, and Lorilee Rohr, formulated a plan to both prevent the Beast from showing up at the charity lacrosse game between the Beacon Hills Cyclones and Devenford Prep, as well as to learn the identity of the Beast.
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