After your first job change, you can continue doing quests as they give lots of EXP or grind on Rockers, Willows and Wormtails. 3. For this reason also, I don't suggest people to make Creator as an alt character nor first character in the said account. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Atau salah membuat build point di Ragnarok M: Eternal Love?. Obviously, it really pales in comparison with other Creator builds out there but hey, I can just log in, do every daily quests and then just grind til red stamina with very minimal cost in my SP discharge while I get productive with my life. Cart Skills 10/10 on both until after job change, Alchemist: Marine Sphere 5/5 This amplifies damage of Parasite, Sphere Parasite 5/5 Your bread and butter grinding skill, -Needs multiply card from king poring, usually cost 6-7Mil but pays off quickly, Call Homonculus 2/3 mainly to get amistir as he gives 18% ATK bonus and great tank, Resurrect Homonculus Max if you want instant revive - Requires Blue gem, Pharmacy 10/10 I'll go into why this is important later in the guide, Creator: Hell Plant 10/10 Crazy good AOE damage - Cursed and reveals (currently hit for 20k a sec, buffed), INT/SP REGEN 10/10 (sorry forgot the name of the skill). Axe for small? How much minimum gold medals do you need for the MVP build? Quite honestly, I am still having a feel for the setup and trying everything I can to make this work and so far, I have... rather nice results. Probably early next year or end of this month. For current meta, the best would be soloing ET and as main dps in Oracle Dungeon. (Android ver/ iOS ver) But the game is currently in chinese language. You try use the emulator sorry I don't know and never counts xD, Thanks so much for all of the hard work that went into presenting us with this great information. Haven't really retrying that again after that time. Brought to you by Rune Nifelheim. You will never feel bored! For headgear you can use anything that have melee atk/damage, atk increase, or ignore def. Now what I mean about the setup is, after it starts taunting, you need to look, if your Amistr HP is still above 50%, start Homunculus Repair, if it's already below, it's better to skip and prepare for immediate Ressurect Homunculus. Is the Hell Plant + 1 rune implemented in SEA? Not saying I'm an expert by any means but this is from personal experience, please enjoy! Also, Is hell plant damage rune that good to prioritze? If you have any question feel free to ask it in the comment section and I'll try to help you if I can. My mentioned build doesn't have 99 VIT because it's general usage and I don't need 99 VIT to tank MVP in fields. I know some people really don't care about efficiency in farming, but if you really want to be serious in Creator I would suggest you go the whitesmith route first then you can multi to creator later. Alchemist: Marine Sphere 5/5 This amplifies damage of Parasite. ... "ragnarok… Having Sphere Mine available makes sure I get to tag monsters in case I am racing with another melee class in PvE or serves a command for my Amistr to sic any poor sap in arena who got in range with it. How can holy dagger can be good if it does not benefit from this skill? For more Raiders, information, gift packs and other content of the Ragnarok RO mobile game guarding eternal love, please pay attention to 17173 Ragnarok RO mobile … I won't explain Creator from the very basic so yeah have fun reading my guide :). You’ll unlock the Message Board Questsat Level 15. I'll explain later), and my Amistr is currently rocking at level 83. Also, in this guide I'll be answering and explain things as a seriously played Creator, if you want just to try or have fun with Creator, probably this guide is not for you. If I want to solo ET80+ I would go 99VIT. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The stats would be 99 LUK and 99 DEX, any skill doesn't matter as you only need this to craft your bottles. So it almost cuts the price in half, and you can also have an alt easily kill Martyrs in Ant Hell for those Hard Skins. Okay first thing first, I want to answer some of the frequently asked question as this question is literally asked to me whenever I join to a party that is not my regular party. You don't have to level pharmacy, you have Ymir's Book for that. beim mvp´n zählt ganz klar vit, also eher 41+24 dex und 77+3 vit... (stats auf ~ 94, rest ist dann geschmackssache) und auch beim vit build liegt eddi in der selben zeit ^^ For its skills, I run the following setup(BT level enclosed in parenthesis, and at job level 49): I intentionally get Chemical Protection Weapon since I intend on annoying people in arena and the last thing I don't want to happen is me having a broken weapon. Your source for Ragnarok M Monsters, Cards, Quests, Database, Headwears, Blueprints, Items, Market Prices, Exchange Price List and Stats and Skills calculator. EDIT: I no longer play Creator so yeah probably won't be able to get anymore information than this but I'll keep try to help what you guys ask me. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the RagnarokMobile community. I hope this guides clear some misguide/misunderstanding information available about Creator. I feel the damage increase is not that high compared to the medal cost. Now, a new era is coming! [Game Introduction] Dear Adventurers, "Ragnarok M: Eternal Love" has been with you for more than a thousand days. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a free-to-play fantasy RPG based off the original Ragnarok Online franchise, developed by XD Global and licensed by Gravity Interactive. Sebenarnya, ada pula Triple Attack, tapi build ini enggak terlalu populer. I did read your text but I need to clarify some of it, yes I know homunculus take stats from it's master (us) but guess what? My amistr is level 90 and with 1 Homunculus Skill Point rune I can have max War Horn and Wild Clamor. I heard holy dagger is good for pve Elder hammer is for end game, mace for medium and large. My Alchemist is Job Level 34 and I'm doubting if I can get that damned card before I become a Creator. Leveling Guide 8. This build is not that complete yet it will be OP more if will be completed. I play creator as well (already 99/70) and i don't have any problems on mini/mvp hunts (without aoe taunt) but if you really have the gold medals then go for it. If anyone want to ask me ingame for faster reply (if I'm online and not afk LOL) can add my new LK it's RoséEX. RO móvil - Guía Inglés y Base de Datos The goal is to one hit orc lady with only fire converter and self buff (including Amistr War Horn). Also... as a bonus, you don't need to max DEX and LUK if you want to craft potions as success rates from stats are capped at 30%. Basically the concept of my build here is to be able to dish out as high as possible dps. Thank you everyone! That's why sometimes my amistr misprovoke the mob instead resulting a dead me lol. This comes at a prize of Amistr losing 2% of its max HP per second... which is fine considering how powerful this skill is. Well the reason is I like to play a class that requires high skill cap. My current base stats are as follows: Why DEX and LUK, you may ask? Good luck! Multiplication Card is a card that lets you use skill Sphere Parasitism without costing a Sphere Bottle, while the Sphere Parasitism itself is a skill that you relies so much for leveling, it is BAD but it's the BEST skill to level your Creator. Very much appreciated. Alloy armor-> at max tier with +5 only, will give you 14% atk boost when using amistr. In this guide, we will help you walk-through on how to get and unlock the new Home system in Ragnarok Mobile. That Multiplication card is such a blessing. The 60 total DEX is for no cast Acid Demonstration, if you for whatever reason have already 60 dex without investing or you don't mind the very little cast time of Acid Demonstration, then you can skip point for dex and go for int or vit up to you. Tipe ini populer untuk woe di server classic sebagai killer maupun tanker. We're sorry but Ragnarok Mobile doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Kalau kalian mau reset skill pada Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, kalian harus menemukan item Skill Reset Rod.. Baca Juga : Jangan Salah Pilih! Each point of either DEX or LUK gives +0.25% success rate. Here are the pros and cons: Tight -> Can be shared with almost any physical dps class, upgrading to tier III quite expensive but not that expensive now, Alloy mail-> Cheap version of tight III but Alchemist exclusive armor. The above is the full content of the Ragnarok RO mobile game equipment acquisition method and equipment refinement system strategy. So why would I even be going to spend a lot of Oridecon and craft/buy broken Berdyz from Exchange just to raise it to +10 Berdyz? To maximize the amount of atk your Amistr gets, I do the following: This ensures that you have the highest ATK possible before applying Life Physic which sacrifices your own ATK and a portion of whatever's left is then calc'ed and given to Amistr. And no matter how hard you try, you can only craft Glistening Coats at 70%, max. Search. I speak off from personal experience, so take everything I say with a sack(not grain) of salt. Here goes: I am an F2P player who currently has a 92/49 creator and takes his jolly-sweet time farming Ridewords for the juicy job experience(Screw all monsters with higher base exp than job exp... they can all burn to ROM hell). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I don't buy Holy Dagger since I don't hunt small mobs, if you want hunt small mobs, then holy dagger is also an option. Ragnarok Guide for newbie player. Is it true that Creator can solo Mini/MVP? GitHub is where the world builds software. Interesting choices there. Cart Skills 10/10 on both until after job change. Aside from 10% of Amistr's atk, part of its damage calculation is twice the master's total refine atk. GridGames.ID - Kalian sudah bermain dengan level jauh tapi salah masukin skill? Ergo, you only need a total of DEX + LUK = 120. I know I'll be weak as a Genetic that's why I also invest at Whitesmith if I need to do something competitive. Nggak usah khawatir, Gridgames kasih tau caranya dan gampang banget buat kalian ikutin. So it's not so bad. 1. Homunculus Repair is a must have skill to solo Minis/MVPs because it burst heal your Amistr but the draw back is the cast time is fixed and quite long, I think it's around 3 sec, the tips to use this skill for me is to look how much HP Amistr have after I finish my setup, the setup would be 2 hell plant out of boss range, 1 AD near the boss range but still don't hit it, then the last hell plant need to hit the boss so you will have time to run around until Amistr taunt the boss. Your ultimate guide for Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. But I'll skip PvP Build since currently I PvP using my General/MvP build. You will also need to have a WeChat or QQ Account. If only they can create one for that Hell Plant cost :p. but the price is steep, dang. But I won't talk about that because I myself haven't reach that point yet. Press J to jump to the feed. A Ragnarok Online character simulator with all clases, including 3rd jobs. AFAIK Amistr taunt without rune is single target, no? My parasite hits for 30-50k. I personally think the important part of this guide is only at the FAQ section as the build section is pretty much similar to others with some difference and I just explain my play style so I hope you guys okay with that. Profit! Also you forgot to count discount price for pharmacy's price, it will be cheaper. I also won't include Merchant tree here as they are pretty basic. Ragnarok NPC Editor. That works? Simply Register here in and get 600 Rok Points Registration Promo. Marine Sphere card is important that's why it is good to have a slotted accessory, since Hell Plant is forced neutral and Acid Demonstration is already fire element, the fire element given by Magnum Break holds nothing, you got free 20% atk boost for 10s and can be recasted anytime. Sphere Parasite 5/5 Your bread and butter grinding skill Both seems super fun. Contribute to Borf/browedit development by creating an account on GitHub. Lvl 40-50 or (until you get multiply card). Here are the… But what if I don't have the time to run play manually, well... it still crits for 9k and my Creator hits for about 1.4k. Check out our sister websites made by some of our friends: — guides, tips & tricks, builds for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the hottest MOBA game you can play on your smartphone! You’ll want to prioritize these Board quests first over the red Main Quests! Your ultimate guide for Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. This is a rune-unlocked skill for your homunculus. There is no English version available for it though. ROM SEA, ROM Global, ROM Europe. Even a guildies party. Pharmacy creates only stacks of 10, and for Hell Plant it requires 12 Hard Skin, 1 Alch, 10 Bottles, so when you do the math it comes out to: - 1 Alch = 500z = 8200z. If it did, we're looking at 100% ignore defense(don't forget ignore defense runes exist) to either small-sized or large-sized monsters without relying on cooked dishes. Ragnarok Online Mobile is now available for Download. Potion Recipes 7. Rune wise, indeed Creator is an Rune hungry class. Contribute to scriptord3/RagnarokNPCEditor development by creating an account on GitHub. Vanilmirth in my opinion is quite good as magic dps but the heavy drawback is it have very long cooldown or cast delay and not to forget you can gain a massive attack boost from Amistr War Horn, Alchemist exclusive equipment, and the available runes. What is Multiplication Card? Di build kali ini, mari berfokus pada build Ashura Strike, Critical, dan FO. Maintenance cost is not that expensive as I'll explain them later on skill build section. Mace for medium? I hope I get to somehow inform and entertain aspiring Creators out there to not be afraid to try other builds. Hello without any offense I think you could just copy your text and post your own build rather than comment here in my guide. That takes care of this wall of text. Vending Price 9. Interesting. Yes, it is but it is not as expensive as you thing. - Grf Editor - Server Database Editor - VSCode / Notepad++ / Sublime Text / Atom (any of these editors and select always C syntax highlight for opened files) I want to play with my friends on my server. Then you can start to get hell plant damage/cast delay rune and int switch rune. Many of Overseas players cant understand the registration and the way to download. Hi! Kalian bisa berbagi item dengan karakter yang satunya, lho. If I want to make a Creator, can I build my Creator with homunculus + normal attack build? Also, the benefit from upgrading my Berdyz to BB will only yield additional 5% gear aspd and 40 atk which is not really that much compared to making it a Berdyz[2]. If you really really want SP for whatever reason and you are willing to pay for the Sphere Bottle, you can took point from all the two Gene skills and 1 from Ressurect Homunculus but I personally don't recommend it. 🙂, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the RagnarokMobile community. Don't forget that your homunculus is also under the effects of War Horn so any atk it gets will also be buffed, further. This is having my Life Physic at level 19, btw. Also DEX here doesn't contribute to hit as Hell Plant and Acid Demonstration can't miss, unless you get penalty from changing channel lol. Hellplant+1 runeHellplant damage / cast delaysHomun RepairIgnore def runes.Homun Runes (for amistr max warhorn, adamantiuim and taunt)AOE taunt. Does auto attack empower rune also affects hell plant? The stats would be 99 STR, some DEX depending on what you hunt, the rest goes to INT. For me it's Amistr for PvE, Lif for PvP. Mobile; Customer stories ... We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products. Quite simple. The prior is for Bloodlust while the latter makes it possible to reach 50% ignore defense. A dev, designer, and an avid Ragnarok Player. axe for large dagger for small. To add more, the best card setup would be 2 minorous card inlayed to 2slot Elder Hammer, so no place for Multiplication Card. Also, I will probably updating the guide when I know something new AND when I have a free time lol. How to change job to ... 5. The important skills is above, Call Homunculus you can just get level 3 so you can decide what Homunculus you want to level. Ragnarok Build Guide, Create Your Own Build !! Not a problem for me tho but I think people will hardly notice this especially those tldr people. There are basically 4 Types of stats and skill build which is General/MvP Build, Leveling Build, PvP Build, and last but not least a Crafter Build. My Amistr with only 60 total invested dex and 0 luk have no miss and crit so often with 22k per crit that is (probably because of my magnum break), so yeah if you have the money to invest to Battle Berdysz +10, why not just go for Elder Hammer instead? Together we've experienced and witnessed many stories about gathering and parting. I can’t seem to find it. This class specializes in tricks and strategic diversion to throw their foes off-balance. Thank you for this guide! Get life physic for more Hell Plant & Homun damage. Okay, into the guide itself! Just planning to multi job to creator once my sinx hit 99/70, thank for guide and keep updating if you can. 2017 Adventurer apk auction bard card cat cbt collection Cooking EP1.0 equipment eternal love event fashion gacha glast heim goblin guide guild interface item job King Poring list maintenance mercenary mobile new generation news pet popular quest ragnarok rank ro skill skill translation sneak peek tencent thief translation update updates wedding A mapeditor for Ragnarok Online. To welcome the coming new era, various teasers about this new release can be seen. I might consider removing my AoE Taunt rune since I want to take more damage rune. Why Int Switch rune when your int only 35 ? Status build 4. Skills: Just gonna touch on imporant skills for leveling I wont be touching Acid Demo build, the rest can be flexible. The rune for this build is to focus to get Homunculus Repair level 5 as your top priority, next is to get Wild Clamor AoE rune for soloing purpose (can ignore this if you play mostly in party, but I won't lie this is a handy rune), next is to get hell plant +1, then go for ignore def rune and amistr blessing rune. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a free-to-play fantasy RPG based off the original Ragnarok Online franchise, developed by XD Global and licensed by Gravity Interactive. All Hidden Scenery Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. By doing this, you can get Plant bottle with almost 15 times cheaper rather than just buy at npc. Content updates come regularly. Granted you can spam cooked meals for SP discharge but if you have no steady supply of Zenny to fund for it, you're stuck in limbo and your gear takes even longer to progress. But overall, you know the most effective way to grind is one-hit mobs. Misalnya, karakter kalian yang job-nya Blacksmith, memiliki item untuk job Wizard. All I can say is that, while going the free Sphere Parasitism route is the go-to Creator soloing build, the only downside I have with it is that you can't really leave it without constantly checking on its SP reserves from time to time. (Sold my Multi card+elder's hammer when I decided to main WS instead). Create a character you like and even a signature or avatar with it which you can use anywhere. Summon/ Homunculus (SVI Type) This guide offer 2 type of Rogue build. In party play I usually went WS as my dps is 1.4 piercing LK. Wormtails have an insaneEXP per HP ratio and will give you a really great boost in your leveling. Also I heard that Genetic itself is meh in CN meta. Alchemist are Skill Point hungry, don't waste on Pharmacy. Be kept up-to-date on content updates and rebuild the history of Midgard. comments. I played RO classic as a creator as well. 1. Saints hammer is a good option if you have it but if not then staff of wing or elder hammer is a good option, your whole goal is to stack atk as much as possible. For mvps that spawn mobs, you know that hell plant didn't prioritze to hit the boss right? You can maximize the Pure Sacri build if you have atleast 300k max hp up and Gospel Heal because the recoil damage is too much. I literally felt bad seeing my hard-earned zenny went from millions, down to just thousands. You have the option to play on emulators which some, by the way, are promoted by XD's website themselves BUT you only have an old laptop or desktop that you don't think can run such emulators without any decent graphics card or memory. Download Database for Ragnarok Mobile apk 1.0.6 for Android. Champion memiliki tiga build yang populer, yaitu build tipe Ashura Strike, Critical, dan Finger-Offensive (FO). Hi there, IMO i'd rather go with the ignore def, homun skill, plant damage runes first BEFORE i get that AOE taunt. Skills: Just gonna touch on imporant skills for leveling I wont be touching Acid Demo build, the rest can be flexible. The main material for Plant bottle is Hard skin, Acid bottle is garlet, and the another bottle for Acid Terror and Improved Acid Demonstration is Immortal Heart (I don't make this one since I don't use both skills for PvE). I should also note that when you do this you should have a slave priest give you blessing and gloria to up your chances. After seeing a lot of questions about what i would call the least played class in ROM I decided to help anyone new with this quick guide. if I don't strictly follow this rotation, my Amistr crits for a measly 7.9k... sometimes, 8.1k to 8.6k which clearly has to do something with the Berdyz stacks. Hey guys, I'm a level 88/29 Creator on SEA server with plans to restart on global release. For this reason also I can't input SP in this build because the lack of window to use SP in my rotation. The rune for this build is to focus to get Homunculus Repair level 5 as your top priority, next is to get Wild Clamor AoE rune for soloing purpose (can ignore this if you play mostly in party, but I won't lie this is a handy rune), next is to get hell plant +1, then go for ignore def rune and amistr blessing rune. I just multiclassed to alchemist and I have weak parasitism damage. And if you're crazy rich, have 3 Mino/Desert Wolf cards for the stored bonus. Ragnarok Mobile 2018.12.13 How to get FREE Infinite Stat and Skill Reset in Ragnarok Mobile; Blog 2018.11.07 How to Speed up Bluestacks for Ragnarok M; Comments. so Today I will give you guide for taper (Registration & Download guide) It's pretty huge if you think about it. I currently own 147k/261 cp/medal. Salah satunya cara agar kamu bisa dengan cepat menaikkan level Adventure adalah dengan cara memfoto semua tempat yang terdapat dalam Scenery di Adventure Handbook kamu, jika semua scenery sudah selesai kamu foto, tinggal hidden scenery yang belum kamu bisa melihat tutorial atau guide dibawah yang berisikan lokasi hidden scenery dengan … A big trend I tend to see is people complaining about the price of bottles, when it comes to hell plant/acid demo. I believe there are people here who is a better Creator than me so yeah correct me if you think I'm wrong in any parts and I'll gladly research and learn that as that's also a lesson for me. Well I poke with Magnum Break haha but it's also an option. 4. Don't forget that each homunculus have their own level, so it's quite a pain in the ass to take all three of them to level 90. No Sphere Parasitism (SP) because SP will do negligible damage in my opinion compared to what my Amistr, Plant, and Acid damage does. Hi! Knight Bowling Bash Build. Phew! -Building your Equipment and what to invest-. Is it really needed? Not sure if it stacks additively. Merchant: Loud Exclaimation 10/10. meiner meinung nach ist dein build eher pvp/woe ausgelegt, da man nicht immer im bragi steht, braucht man gute dex um jmd wegzubomben ohne das er sich hiden kann. Author The Admin Hi I'm the Admin. As for the INT, that doesn't include whatever bonus you have and its solely to boost the damage of Sphere Parasite which is what this build is centered around. The other debatable equipment is armor, some people use tight slotted, some uses alloy mail slotted, some use alloy armor, whale use alloy armor slotted HAHA. But after I loot obeaune (when it prices 6m), I choose Sphere build lol. As for its rune setup, I have all 3 Homunculus Forbidden Skills unlocked, plus 2 runes of Homunculus repair. Although they are outclassed by Whitesmith in farming fast, at least you can't be Mystellain's bitch. What mace do you recommend using. Thank you for reading my guides until the end! Also you will need to use a 3rd party app to download the game but if that will not stop you from playing it. I would also recommend Minos between 55 to 75 if you can 1 shot. It's because of Bloodlust. Hi ~ guys my name is Jun who is working for a mobile game market called TapTap Editor! Yes I know there is already some guide about Creator here in this sub reddit, the reason why I decide to make this guide is because the guides of Creator I read here are basically only cover up the good things and only early to mid game about Creator and not mentioning the hard life of Creators. GridGames.ID - Buat kalian yang baru banget main Ragnarok M Eternal Love dan bingung waktu dihadapkan sama peningkatan build status, GridGames bakal ngasih pencerahan buat kalian.. Millions of developers and companies build, ship, and maintain their software on GitHub — the largest and most advanced development platform in the world. May I ask if do you really need max adamantine skin of amistr? So I decided to reset and went for the less efficient build but saves a lot of Zenny in the long run - Auto-attacking Creator. I'm a creator 95/58. Let me know if you have any questions! But to do this, I must say you can't do this with nude Creator, at least for me, I'll need Homunculus Repair at lv 5 and Wild Clamor/Taunt AoE rune. 1.Destroy (SI Type) 2. The solution that you will find by the link below is a terrible solution. Gear: -Weapon - Maces over everything imo due to the fact axes do 25% less damage to medium, -Basically any equip is gives you ATK/ATK%/Melee%/Alchemy ATK and maybe some regen, Runes: There are 4 runes for Parasite build, - 2 for 30% extra Marine Sphere damage that gives around a 5% buff each, - 2 for 10% extra Sphere Parasite damage that gives around a 10% buff each, - Requires around 70 Gold medals and 15k guild contribution, - After those focus on INT = .2 ATK runes and Amisitr Bloodlust for MVP tanking.
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