Click for full-size image. Browse Newsweek archives of photos, videos and articles on Geology. Geology Page-November 20, 2020 0 Among seismologists, the geology of Alaska's earthquake- and volcano-rich coast from the Aleutian Islands to the southeast is fascinating, but not well understood. Climate and Carbon Cycle in Perpetual Interaction, Stellar Explosion in Earth's Proximity, Eons Ago, Someday, Even Wet Forests Could Burn Due to Climate Change, Flood Risks: More Accurate Data Due to COVID-19, Uncovering New Understanding of Earth's Carbon Cycle, Seismic Data Explains Continental Collision Beneath Tibet, Living in an Anoxic World: Microbes Using Arsenic Are a Link to Early Life, Undersea Earthquakes Shake Up Climate Science, Indian Monsoon Can Be Predicted Better After Volcanic Eruptions, Formation of the Alps: Detaching and Uplifting, Not Bulldozing, NASA Monitors Carbon Monoxide from California Wildfires, Volcanic Ash May Have a Bigger Impact on the Climate Than We Thought, High-Fidelity Record of Earth's Climate History Puts Current Changes in Context, Understanding Earth's 'deep-Carbon Cycle', New Corals Discovered in Deep-Sea Study of Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Process That Might Have Led to First Organic Molecules, Japan's Geologic History in Question After Discovery of Metamorphic Rock Microdiamonds, Superheated Rocks Deep Underground Help Explain Earthquake Patterns. A Last-Minute Science Dash to an Erupting Volcano Latest News on Geology Page, Geology Page Is a Science Website , Helps Geoscientist by adding geology news , New researches , videos , photos and new artic As permanent…, Specially-adapted drones developed by a University College London-led international team have been gathering data from never-before-explored volcanoes that will enable local communities to better forecast…, Heatwaves Pushing Mongolia’s Climate to a Tipping Point Mongolia’s semi-arid plateau may soon become as barren as parts of the American Southwest due to a…, Analysis of an ancient meteorite from Mars suggests that the mineral zircon may be abundant on the surface of the red planet. Financial support for ScienceDaily comes from advertisements and referral programs, where indicated. 39. Unusually shallow earthquake ruptures in Chinese fracking field Old Faithful, the famous geyser in Yellowstone National Park, may go silent after erupting continuously for nearly 800 years, experts have discovered. Keep up with the latest scitech news via email or social media. What Will the Climate Be Like When Earth's Next Supercontinent Forms? Reinforcement of loose soils with geosynthetics in order to achieve a strengthened soil-reinforcement system, with enhanced tensile strength and reduced settlement is an important subject in the field of geotechnical engineering. Coverage of earth, planets, geology, atmosphere, volcanoes, climate and natural disasters. An Edmonton scientist will help with NASA's Mars 2020 mission. A team of researchers in Europe has identified a new high-pressure mineral in a lunar meteorite called Oued Awlitis 001. Originally Published by The Salt Lake City Tribune October 16, 2020. Within an expanse of boreal forest in northwestern Alaska, two treeless stretches of sand stand out—the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes. Latest environmental news, opinion and analysis from the Guardian. Is the Earth's Transition Zone Deforming Like the Upper Mantle? News about Earthquakes, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times. Meteorite Study Suggests Earth May Have Been Wet Since It Formed, The Le Teil Earthquake Provides New Insights on Seismic Risk in France and Western Europe, Meteorite Strikes May Create Unexpected Form of Silica, Two Major Microbial Groups Living Deep Underground Can't Breathe, Ancient Star Explosions Revealed in Deep-Sea Sediments, Machine Learning Unearths Signature of Slow-Slip Quake Origins in Seismic Data, Exploding Stars May Have Caused Mass Extinction on Earth, Study Shows, Researchers Track Slowly Splitting 'dent' In Earth's Magnetic Field, Equatorial Winds Ripple Down to Antarctica, Reconstructing Global Climate Through Earth's History, Digital Content on Track to Equal Half 'Earth's Mass' By 2245, Discovery Transforms Understanding of Hydrogen Depletion at the Seafloor, Rare 'boomerang' Earthquake Observed Along Atlantic Ocean Fault Line, Origins of Life: Chemical Evolution in a Tiny Gulf Stream, What's in Oilfield Wastewater Matters for Injection-Induced Earthquakes, New Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Turns Waste Into Valuable Critical Minerals, Blanket of Rock Debris Offers Glaciers More Protection from Climate Change Than Previously Known, Lava Tubes on Mars and the Moon Are So Wide They Can Host Planetary Bases, Ancient Mountains Recorded in Antarctic Sandstones Reveal Potential Links to Global Events, Geologists Publish New Findings on Carbonate Melts in Earth's Mantle, How the Seafloor of the Antarctic Ocean Is Changing And the Climate Is Following Suit, Early Mars Was Covered in Ice Sheets, Not Flowing Rivers, Researchers Say, Cooling of Earth Caused by Eruptions, Not Meteors, Ancient Mountain Formation and Monsoons Helped Create a Modern Biodiversity Hotspot. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily, its staff, its contributors, or its partners. Results of standard laboratory tests performed on adult outpatients to provide an overall picture of their health are fairly consistent between those with obesity and…. is one of the world's leading portals to geology and Earth science news and information for rocks, minerals, gemstones, energy, volcanoes, earthquakes, careers, geologic hazards, and more. Click for full-size image. Newly Named Chibanian Age Demarcates Earth’s Last Magnetic Flip Kerry Grens | Feb 17, 2020 The time period, which spans 770,000 to 126,000 years ago, started with a reversal of the planet’s magnetic field. Tracing the Source of Illicit Sand—Can it be Done? Operations geologists will be at the heart of this transformation by bringing together digitalisation and geological expertise to improve operational efficiency and promote success. Articles tagged as Geology. NewsNow aims to be the world's most accurate and comprehensive geology news aggregator, bringing you the latest geological headlines from the best geology sites and other key national and international news sources. It is not intended to provide medical or other professional advice. You will find a news article that covers a topic in this module (i.e., mass wasting, streams, groundwater, glaciers, deserts and winds, or coastal geology). Has Earth's Oxygen Rusted the Moon for Billions of Years? Show: News Articles. Rapid Mental Rejuvenation: Experimental Drug Reverses Age-Related Cognitive Decline Within Days, Separating Gases Using Flexible Molecular Sieves Made From Metal-Organic Frameworks, An Unexpected Expanse of Sand in Alaska – Rising As High as 100 Feet Above the Surrounding Forests, Lunar Trailblazer: NASA Approves New Satellite to Map the Moon’s Surface, Rapid-Forming Giant Planets Could Disrupt Spiral Protoplanetary Discs, Keeping California a Powerhouse of Almond Production While Improving Environmental Quality, ABOVE & Beyond: New Drone Technology Improves Ability to Forecast Volcanic Eruptions, Tipping Point: Irreversible Hotter and Drier Climate Over Inner East Asia, Elusive Internal Structure of Mars Revealed by Ancient Zircon Minerals From the Red Planet, Ancient Martian Megaflood: Floods of Unimaginable Magnitude Once Washed Through Gale Crater on Mars’ Equator, Scientists Discover a Beautiful New Mineral – And It Looks Promising for Producing Batteries, Secrets of the Past: Huge Ancient Lake Bed Discovered Deep Beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet, World’s Longest Erupting Supervolcanoes Fueled by Magma “Conveyor Belt”, Scientists Recreate Earth’s Deep Mantle in the Lab, The Craters on Earth: New Atlas Presents and Explains the Impact Sites of Meteorites and Asteroids Worldwide, Most Detailed and Complete Geophysical Record Yet of Earth’s Last Magnetic Reversal, Water on Ancient Mars: Analysis of a Martian Meteorite Reveals Evidence of Water 4.4 Billion Years Ago, Expect More Mega-Droughts – Droughts That Last Two Decades or Longer, New High-Pressure Mineral Discovered in Moon Meteorite, Identifying Microbial Markers in Martian Clay: Subsoil at Earth’s Driest Place May Signal Life on Mars, The Danger of Sleeping Volcanoes Revealed by Zircon Crystals, Engineers Develop Self-Watering Soil That Could Transform Farming, Scientists Investigate Mysterious “Obesity Paradox”, New Lab-on-a-Chip Could Enable Fast, Easy Testing for Colds, Flu, UTIs, and COVID-19 at Home, Major Scientific Advance: DeepMind AI AlphaFold Solves 50-Year-Old Grand Challenge of Protein Structure Prediction, New Atlas of the Universe Created – Includes a Million Galaxies We’ve Never Seen Before, “Suction Thrust” – Many-Limbed Marine Organisms Don’t Actually Push Themselves Forward to Swim, Warning: Bleach-Alternative COVID-19 Surface Disinfectants May Pollute Indoor Air, Solving a Cosmological Ghost Particle Mystery: Theory That Neutrinos Shape the Universe Validated, Humanity’s Oldest Sculptures: Researchers New Theory on “Venus” Figurines May Have Solved Mystery, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. The latest breaking news, comment and features from The Independent. Geologists raise the speed limit for how fast continental crust can form. Frequency 2 posts / week Since Jul 2020 Blog Facebook fans 4 ⋅ Social Engagement 11 ⋅ Domain Authority 3 ⋅ View Latest Posts ⋅ Get Email Contact. News about volcanoes, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times. An isotopic analysis of eggshell beads dating back more than 30,000 years indicates that they helped build networks that stretched for hundreds of kilometers. 2020 is now the most active hurricane season on record FDA gives emergency OK to Lilly's antibody treatment for Covid-19 Chinese glaciers melting at 'shocking' pace, scientists say A version of this article appears in the June 6, 2020 issue of Science News. All the latest breaking news on Geology. ... By Hannah Osborne On 7/20/20 at 3:00 PM EDT. is one of the world's leading portals to geology and Earth science news and information for rocks, minerals, gemstones, energy, volcanoes, earthquakes, careers, geologic hazards, and more. News. CiteScore: 5.0 ℹ CiteScore: 2019: 5.0 CiteScore measures the average citations received per peer-reviewed document published in this title. Peter Flaig Controls on Deltaic Deposits of the Loyd Formation. Graveyard geology doesn't only include gravestones. ... the state government betting heavily on a coal and gas-fired recovery after the global slump in fossil fuels hits the 2020 … Nov 5, 2020 by Natali Anderson. About Blog is a Science Website, Helps Geoscientist by adding geology news, New researches, videos, photos, and news articles. With crests that rise as…, A favorite healthy snack, almonds are a staple on grocery store shelves worldwide. The first was creating a two-layer 3D tactile map. Find and read an article that interests you! Fragments of Oued Awlitis 001. Discover the latest geology news and geological discoveries from across the globe. Feb 20. November 18, 2020 ... August 17, 2020 Because of Climate Change, Canada’s Rocky Mountain Forests Are on the Move. Map of the 2020 STATEMAP study areas. Smithsonian Voices August 7, 2020 By: U.S. Geological Survey Director Jim Reilly SciTechDaily: Home of the best science and technology news since 1998. Questions? Discover the latest geology news and geological discoveries from across the globe. October-December, 2020 - Vol 12 Num. The surface of Earth was likely covered by a global ocean 3.24 billion years ago (Archean Eon), according to a new study published in the journal Nature Geoscience. Fortezzo et al. Map of the 2020 STATEMAP study areas. By determining the…, Field Geology at Mars’ Equator Points to Ancient Megaflood Floods of unimaginable magnitude once washed through Gale Crater on Mars’ equator around 4 billion years…, For more than 40 years, Stanislav Filatov, Professor at St Petersburg University, together with colleagues from other research institutions in Russia, has been studying the…, Inaccessible for now, unique site may hold secrets of past. Eos: Earth and space science news and analysis from AGU. All Rights Reserved. ... Geology science by … Fri, Nov 27, 2020. Have any problems using the site? Scientists have recreated the conditions of Earth´s deep mantle in…, Prof. Dr. Thomas Kenkmann, geologist from the University of Freiburg’s Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences, together with mineralogist Prof. Dr. Wolf Uwe Reimold from…, Earth’s magnetic fields typically switch every 200 to 300 millennia. US News is a recognized leader in college, grad school, hospital, mutual fund, and car rankings. News about Earthquakes, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times. Certain minerals from the Martian…, Mega-droughts – droughts that last two decades or longer – are tipped to increase thanks to climate change, according to University of Queensland-led research. Release of the digital Unified Global Geologic Map of the moon at 1:5,000,000-scale . Polar Climate Affects Trade Wind Strength in ... Alaska Coastline's Fractured Volcanic Activity, Former Piece of Pacific Ocean Floor Imaged Deep Beneath China, East African Rift System Is Slowly Breaking Away, With Madagascar Splitting Into Pieces, The Connectivity of Multicomponent Fluids in Subduction Zones, Tree Rings May Hold Clues to Impacts of Distant Supernovas on Earth, Past Is Key to Predicting Future Climate, Scientists Say, Monitoring Open-Cast Mines Better Than Before, Magma 'Conveyor Belt' Fuelled World's Longest Erupting Supervolcanoes, New Drone Technology Improves Ability to Forecast Volcanic Eruptions, New Fault Zone Measurements Could Help Us to Understand Subduction Earthquakes, Using a Volcano's Eruption 'Memory' to Forecast Dangerous Follow-on Explosions, Large Tides May Have Driven Evolution of Fish Towards Life on Land, Ancient Lake Contributed to Past San Andreas Fault Ruptures, Ice Loss Likely to Continue in Antarctica, Even If Climate Change Is Brought Under Control, Study Finds, Turbulent Era Sparked Leap in Human Behavior, Adaptability 320,000 Years Ago, Magma 'conveyor Belt' Fuelled World's Longest Erupting Supervolcanoes, Using a Volcano's Eruption 'memory' To Forecast Dangerous Follow-on Explosions, A New Way of Looking at the Earth's Interior, Deep Magma Facilitates the Movement of Tectonic Plates, New Sediment Archive for Historical Climate Research, New Evidence for Geologically Recent Earthquakes Near Portland, Oregon Metro Area, Lost and Found: Geologists 'resurrect' Missing Tectonic Plate, Microbial Diversity Below Seafloor Is as Rich as on Earth's Surface, Glimpse Deep Into Earth's Crust Finds Heat Source That May Stabilize Continents, Deep Sea Coral Time Machines Reveal Ancient CO2 Burps, Unprecedented Energy Use Since 1950 Has Transformed Humanity's Geologic Footprint, Stressed out Volcanoes More Likely to Collapse and Erupt, Scientist Gains Fresh Insight Into the Origins of Earthquakes, Geologists Solve Puzzle That Could Predict Valuable Rare Earth Element Deposits, Polar Ice, Atmospheric Water Vapor Biggest Drivers of Variation Among Climate Models, Unusually Shallow Earthquake Ruptures in Chinese Fracking Field, Diamonds Found With Gold in Canada's Far North Offer Clues to Earth's Early History, Who Is Driving Whom? GSA News Release 20-33, 10/28/2020. Download RSS feed: News Articles / In the Media. About Blog Geology deals in everything our planet has, starting from billion … Geology Page Is a Science Website , Helps Geoscientist by adding geology news , New researches , videos , photos and new articles .
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