This dilemma all started because of an issue with one important tooth! DIY Adjustments? You should also only wear dentures that fit properly. Use a soft-bristled brush or special denture-cleaning brush. It just rests on my gums. If a permanent denture is placed before the gums and jaw have fully healed, typically 8-12 weeks, it will likely become loose and need adjustment This is a particular problem where some gum disease has already being experienced on the tooth. This can be fixed by adjusting the over-extended areas and then carefully polishing the denture borders. Failing to clean them every day and not keeping your tissues healthy can easily cause irritation and infection. This prevents your dentures from moving forward or tipping. (iv) A galvanic reaction between an amalgam and the metal of the denture is happening (this is very rare). Teeth grinding. RE: My bottom dentures really hurts to wear. Fixing this isn’t just a question of getting better-fitting dentures. We tend to recommend dental implants for patients with missing teeth but, in some cases, it just financially isn’t possible. Should a filling in this position need to be re-done for whatever reason, it is never quite the same as when it is made to measure. Use a soft-bristled brush or special denture-cleaning brush. We are pretty much all able to adapt if we persevere long enough, there are some exceptions, but most of the time it comes down to a question of mental attitude and expectations. It could be minor such as needing a filling, (the location of which, may or may not affect the fit of the denture) or major, such as caries that goes into the nerve and so far under the gum that your tooth needs to be taken out. Q: I recently had my upper dentures replaced by a beautiful Valplast partial, however, my entire upper mouth is very sore. Still, if you don't take proper care of your dentures, problems can occur. When they pulled all my teeth and gave me my dentures the same day it was about 2 weeks before I could keep them in for any length of time. Flufflie Sat 05-Oct-13 18:04:06. Sign Up to Receive Our Free Coroanvirus Newsletter, 15 Tooth Problems: Cavities, Stained Teeth, Hyperdontia and More, Slideshow: Oral Health -- Top Tips for Beautiful Teeth and Gums, The Teeth (Human Anatomy): Diagram, Names, Number, and Conditions, Dental Tips for a Younger Smile and Appearance, Healthy Teeth for Life: 10 Tips for Families. Sometimes a different design or a different type of denture could make the difference between being able to wear it and not being able to wear it – so it is important to try and identify what exactly the problem is. Follow all instructions given by your dentist. When your dentures are not in your mouth, store them in a denture-cleaning solution or warm water. This is a painful infection that causes inflammation and cracking at the corners of your mouth. Once your partial denture is comfortable, wear it as much as you possibly can. However, the amount of decay has weakened the tooth, making the long term prognosis a little more questionable, especially when you add in to the mix, the bit of periodontal disease that has been going on simultaneously. Reply. Pain from a single tooth on a partial denture however, could occasionally be because: (i) The tooth is being overstressed, supporting too much load and taking too much pressure. They are more comfortable and natural looking than they were in the past. Over time, your gums and bones will change and your dentures won't fit as well. If you’re wondering why my partial denture hurts, it’s likely due to receding gums. Pain from the denture could stem from many sources, such as problems with the bite or errors with the extension that rub on your gums. Dirty dentures laden with microbes such as bacteria and fungi. It feels as if the partial is squeezing my mouth in a vise. Cobalt chrome dentures and flexidentures tend to grip better but with repeated taking in and out, the clasps that grip around the teeth can become loose, and need to be tightened. Some of you are able to tolerate and adapt to almost anything we put in your mouth, yet for others, the most technically perfect denture doesn’t even stand a chance. This is another infection that is caused by too much yeast. See- Complete dentures where we look at the various denture related issues in much more detail. Don't be afraid to keep going back until they are right it can take lots of visits but your dentist knows this is normal and it is reasonable for you to have to go back several times to get them right. If you only have one tooth remaining on the top, you may be better having it removed and moving to a complete denture for the added grip that the suction with your gum gives. Unlike complete dentures, partial dentures are held in by lining up with existing teeth. Maybe your anatomy, the number of teeth missing, or your gag reflex is making it hard to control or tolerate the denture, in which case, a dental implant and a precision attachment could maybe help produce a slimmer more stable and ‘grippy’ partial denture. And we must also take the following into account when planning treatment, your: There are no strict answers since there are infinite variables and as such, every case is different. All contents of this site are Copyright © Jamie Workman, risks of having a removable partial denture, similar problems to those wearing full dentures, Tooth’s importance to the denture and the role it plays in gripping and stabilising. In time, you should be able to eat most foods.
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