Global warming threatens human life as rising sea levels cause loss of habitation. This tremendous and rather sudden aging process would have subsidiary implications. • Young people ages 10–24 account for about 1.8 billion of the world’s population. Essay on Population Explosion in Pakistan for Matric, FA, FSC, Intermediate, 2nd Year, BA and BSC Here is an essay on Population Explosion for Class 10, Class 12, Graduation and other classes. The year 2100 is more than 80 years from now, and almost all the technology that we have today to make civilization sustainable sounded like wild science fiction 80 years ago. 1998 Volume VII: The Population Explosion The Population Explosion: Causes and Consequences Curriculum Unit 98.07.02 by Carolyn Kinder INTRODUCTION The rapid growth of the world's population over the past one hundred years results from a difference between the rate of birth and the rate of death. Causes of Population Explosion In India Hot Climate: One of the reasons of fast rising population in India is its hot climate. Some estimates suggest that between 1750 and 1850, the population in England more than doubled. By 1995, it reached about 25 years. Ninety percent of them live in developing countries. In 1950 the population stood at 2,555,982,611 compared to 2012 which it now stands at 6,991,800,919. The global population has raised from 1 billion in 1800 to about 7.774 billion in 2020. Probably the strongest biological urge for living organisms making up Earth’s biosphere is that of reproduction. The actual maths is that the worlds population has increased by 2.735464978873442 times. Population explosion. Population explosion: Pakistan hurtling towards water crisis « The worlds population has almost tripled in the last 60 years. • In 2017, 9 percent of the global population was under age 5. High Birth Rate .   Population Explosion Stats. Causes of Population Explosion . Strangely, sea level 5,000 years ago was 5 to 13 feet higher than today. In India, although the birth rate has declined from 45.8 per thousand during the period 1891-1900 to about 25.8 per thousand in 2001, it is still considered to be substantially high. High Birth rate is a major cause responsible for the rapid growth of population. The global human population increase amounts to almost 83 million yearly or it is 1.1% per year. Population growth of such proportions is a relatively new phenomenon: Between 1900 and 2000, the number of people in the world quadrupled, and between 1700 and 2000 it climbed by a factor of 10. • Africa is projected to gain nearly 11 years of life expectancy by mid-century, reaching 71 years in 2045-2050. Precise figures don't exist for the period before the establishment of a nationwide census, but it is clear from existing historic records that Britain experienced a demographic explosion in the latter half of the century. 1. Share Print | November 23, 2020 12:39 PM. Moreover, it is a situation wherein the economy is incapable of coping up with the growing demand of its current population. In some countries, of course, the population would be even more aged: Japan’s median age would be 53; Germany’s, 55; Italy’s 58. By the year 2050, in this “low variant” world, the median age would be over 42. When the last Ice Age ended about 11,500 years ago, sea level was about 400 feet lower than now. Human population growth: Is the explosion a blessing or a curse?
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