Antonovka is a parent tree produces large round yellow apples … Sizes: 10 pack scionwood, 15 pack scionwood, 20 pack scionwood, 25 pack … I'm seeing the rootstock is much cheaper than nurseries are selling whips for planting. Wealthy apple is a very good crisp and juicy variety used for dessert or cider. Propagation is carried out in late July / early August, and the grafted trees would be available for supply in December the following year (approximately 14 months later). It makes sense but I wasn't sure if something is done to the rootstock when it is used primarily for rootstock. Malus Siervesii This species originates from the Tien Shen Mountains of Kazahkstan from which virtually all domestic apples have originated … General Apple Information: Good for cooking, fresh eating. Antonovka Apple Rootstock is a Russian apple rootstock that is exceptionally hardy, down to minus 50 degrees Farenheit! Also suitable for dessert use later in it’s season. Antonovka is suckerless and produces a full sized tree, growing 25 to 35 feet. This tree has good disease resistance leaves and fruit stay pretty clean. Compatible scionwood for grafting is also available. Jaimee grows her own … Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Antonovka Apple Small Tree Seedling The Jonsteen Company at the best online prices at eBay! Very ornamental with abundant flowers over a long period and is an excellent pollinator for other … Anoka ... Descriptions for most are on the APPLES pages . 1/4 Inch Quantity Quantity Add to cart A Russian suckerless apple rootstock that produces a full-size, 25' to 35' tree. Try your hand at apple propagation and make your own fruit trees. It is extremely cold hardy, well anchored, and works with most soils. Cross pollination is required with another apple, pear or crabapple tree in order for … Keepers Nursery 01622 326465. BEST USES Cooking. A decidious Tree growing to 7 m (23ft). The Antonovka (from the Russian name “Anton”) is a rather large apple which turns a yellow-green color after maturing. … The following varieties will pollinate this apple tree. Induces very early fruiting and larger fruit so it usually requires … Compared to other varieties, the Antonovka is outstanding for its firmness in winter, low demands on the soil, and high yield (up to 500 kg from a single tree). Sizes are 0/1, 1/1, 1/0 , 3/5/8/10/12/14 mm collar or 4/6/9/12/14 mm collar. Antonovka apples may be eaten fresh or used for making juice, jam, and pastilles. Improve your orchard and make harvest a breeze with mini, dwarfing, semi-dwarf. It is hardy to zone 3 and … It is well anchored and does not require staking. Goodland Apple Tree, Antonovka, Zones 3-7. In Poland, Antonówka is used mostly for apple preserves. A decidious Tree growing to 7 m (23ft). Add to cart. They can be kept small for ease of harvest and accommodation into smaller spaces by summer pruning. The taste of the wine is noticeably lighter than wine from sweeter cultivars. Semi-Dwarf: M7, G30– 12-18′ maturity typically produces in 2-4 years Standard: Antonovka – 30′ maturity typically produces in 6-9 years. An old English winter russet apple from … The heirloom apple trees for sale are varieties … Add To Cart. Suits most culinary purposes but also suitable for dessert later on with a pleasantly refreshing flavour. Compared to other varieties, the Antonovka is outstanding for its firmness in winter, low demands on the soil and high yield (up to 500 kg from a single tree). Goodland Apple Tree, Antonovka, Zones 3-7. Options: Quantity NSRTBUD9: BUDAGOVSKI 9 APPLE ROOTSTOCK (Malus sp.) Pollination partner apple … Additional information. Apple Tree Rootstocks Dwarf: B9, G935 – 8-12′ maturity, typically produces in 1-2 years. A hardy russian dwarfing apple rootstock. SEASON October. Geneva®890. Due to the relatively low ratio of sugars in the fruit, Antonovka apples are especially well-suited for apple pies and late apple wine. Common Antonovka is a Russian apple that has been grown for centuries, but was first recorded in Kursk in 1828. Available as U-Pick and in the farm store, in season. This apple is so popular that there is a monument to it in Kursk. Antonovka apple trees – flavour: Sharp and refreshing. You can choose the number of … Produces large yellow edible Apple, if allowed to fruit. Goodland Apple Tree, Antonovka, Zones 3-7 quantity. Buy top quality early season eating apple trees direct from a leading UK specialist producer. Antonovka Apples are large-sized apples weighing up to 1 1/2 pounds (700 g.) Mostly grown in Russia, they have green skin ripening to yellow, and white flesh inside with a tart taste. Apple trees offer a remarkable diversity of flavors, colors and textures and have a lifespan that far exceeds many other fruit trees. B 118 is from the same Russian program that created Budagovsky 9 (B 9). This rootstock creates a hardy full sized standard tree. Wide soil adaptability. Open Day Unfortunately we will not be holding our usual Open Day this autumn. Antonovka is a parent tree produces large round yellow apples with white flesh. They are … Uses: Excels for cooking, juicing and sliced added to salads. Antonovka Apple Rootstock % $4.99 SKU R055 Size Options. Budagovsky 9 (B … Early fall ripening and a good keeper. The Sonofcal™ crab apples were still dropping consistently in mid February and keeping the “100 apples per day” pace that it did all season and the sign below it showed the appreciation from the deer in the area. Add to Wishlist Already … The Wild Apple Trees for sale will produce a very edible apple that's typically 2'' - 3'' in diameter. Some of the apple rootstocks will have been grown on the nursery and will be harvested in January. The Antonovka apple is the basic winter variety grown in the central regions of the … This is separate question but can you purchase Antonovka Apple rootstock and just grow it out for Antonovka apples? Crisp, juicy, refreshing white flesh. Characteristic Detail Description; Rootstock: Antonovka 313: This is a non-dwarfing rootstock from Russia and produces a free-standing tree that is 100% standard size. Malus Ranetka 10-20"' - $8 Ranetka Crab 1-3' Bundle of 5- $45 Sargent Crab 1-3' - $10 Sargent Crab 1-3' Bundle of 5- $45 Antonovka Apple 10-20" - $10 Wild Apple 10-20" - $10. Ranetka is hardier than Antonovka but less hardy than Baccata. Antonovka 1.5 – Antonovka 40. Antonovka — This is the only rootstock Jaimee uses for full-size (standard size) apple trees. this is what i plan … Naturally dwarfing tree that produces fruit at a young age. These wild deer apple trees will resemble the ones growing around old farm steads, in fence … Ranetka is a cross of M. Prunifolia and M. Baccata (source Lawyer Nursery). Hey M Johnson, This is the first year I try these antonovka apple seeds - I hope they do well. Very limited quantities. Does better where summers are … Picked early it makes great pies or sauce. Edible: Yes Home > Shop > Goodland Apple Tree, Antonovka, Zones 3-7 . We will be able to offer apple, pear and plum rootstocks for sale for grafting in February & March or for planting out before grafting at a later stage. 01622 326465 . Antonovka Apples may be eaten fresh or used for making juice, jam and pastilles. Others will be bought in, some of it organic. Malus pumila var. Baccata is the Hardiest Apple known but has the stigma of being not compatible with some varieties of Apple. Antonovka, Антоновка, or Antonówka is a group of late-fall or early-winter apple cultivars with a strong acid flavor that have been popular in Russia (Soviet Union and the Russian Empire) as well as in Poland and Belarus.The most popular Russian variety is Common Antonovka (Антоновка обыкновенная), from which other … Antonovka (Malus domestica) NOT AVAILABLE THIS SEASON. We offer the largest range for sale anywhere. Hardy to -50 deg.F. Good for very short summers. Trees are slow coming into bearing and moderately productive, and trees may lean slightly in some situations. They are an old, open pollinated variety that will produce the same kind of apple from which the seeds came.-----Cold Hardiness: Zones 1 - 7. Apple Rootstocks . We do not stock this variety, but it is available through our custom bud-grafting service. Antonovka Apple. (Most white-blossom crab-apples will also be good pollinators for this variety). BUD 9 is similar to M9 but more winter hardy, to Zone 3. Notify me when in stock. Greenhills nursery limited budding and grafting fruit tree rootstocks . This is a great rootstock apple tree with fruit that is ideal for cooking. In Poland, Antonówka is used mostly for apple preserves. Good disease resistance to scab, cedar apple rust and fireblight. Bareroot or potted: Trees are dug in the fall and stored in cold storage for the winter. Apple Rootstock Info: Antonovka 313. Keeps about 16 weeks in cold storage. Smaller orders are possible. We ship nationwide and offer pickup … I use apple trees for reforestation purposes - ground cover tree - so far … Though rare for an apple, Antonovka Apples will reproduce true from seed 90% of the time. In a no spray situation, I have seen excellent resistance to cedar apple rust, also resistance to apple … With the closing of Bear Creek Nursery a few years ago, (a mail order Nursery that provided an extensive list of Apple … More> Keepers Nursery The UK's largest range of Fruit Trees. Send your inquiries through the CONTACT link (top right of page). Standard size apple tree rootstocks make for a hardy and well anchored tree. Antonovka apple trees produced to order. Green-cream flesh. Ashmead’s Kernel. Cost is 3.50 each plus 10.00 s/h per order. The taste of the wine is noticeably lighter than wine from sweeter cultivars. Budagovsky 118 (B 118) A vigorous, semi-dwarf rootstock that produces trees roughly the same size as those grown on EMLA 111 roots. This heirloom is extremely … It also produces large edible yellow apples if … A semi-dwarfing rootstock 50-60% the size of a seedling (similar to M7, but slightly less vigorous in Western states). Add to that, good branching characteristics, no suckering, drought resistance and roots which spread wide and deep. Choose another variety Pollination of Antonovka apple trees Your Antonovka apple tree is in flowering group 3.It is not self-fertile and needs a pollination partner of a different variety nearby. *Many modern apple varieties do not grow true-to-type from seed, but Antonovka Apples DO! Apples Because of the risk of fire blight in our area, you should use one of the Geneva rootstocks (designated with a "G." then a number -- e.g., G.30) which also are very cold-hardy and resistant to other diseases besides fire blight. Featured. G. 30 and G. 41 are … Geneva®210 is tolerant to apple replant disease and resistant to fire blight, collar rot and wooly apple aphid. It is more precocious than M7 … Regular apple seeds, as John Polk says, "just drop them in a small hole them with a bit of soil", in the winter time - so they have 2 to 3 months of cold and wet weather. Apple Trees: malus pumila. The disease resistance, drop times, taste and fruit production will vary as these are not grafted trees. For grafting the stems will be … (Antonovka Polutorafuntovaya) An old-fashioned huge cooking apple from Russia, with green tinted, almost ivory skin. Home / Trees for Sale / Apple Trees / Goodland Apple Tree, Antonovka, Zones 3-7. It is hardy to zone 3 and … This extremely hardy, Russian rootstock is famous for its ability to withstand subzero winters. Originally created in Russia, this apple tree is incredibly cold hardy and commonly used as a root stock for other apple breeds. Can be very tart if not allowed to ripen fully, but if ripened fully, it will be sweet with high acidity. Although some nurseries advertise Antonovka … The tree is very lar Cropping & Growth Moderately vigorous and slightly spreading. Due to the relatively low ratio of sugars in the fruit, Antonovka apples are especially well-suited for apple pies and late apple wine. The Norland Apple Tree is a juicy, red striped apple with pink background. Tel. Semi-dwarf and standard rootstocks are much better anchored & more drought tolerant than dwarf rootstock. Good for fresh eating, cider, sauce, and pies. You can keep shipping costs down by buying from Northwest nurseries. Rarely do you see a home orchard missing the king of fruits. Ripens mid-August. Free delivery for many products! Heavy … Apples today can be grown from the desert to the sea. Antonovka Apple is a late season producer.
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