All applicants to the Contract Linguist Program must pass a language proficiency exam, a polygraph examination focused on candidates' involvement with foreign counterintelligence matters, and must successfully complete a comprehensive personnel security interview. The information is being collected so that CLU can manage and administer the Contract Linguist Program in a more efficient and effective manner. Military Record CLU - FODrug Usage Outside Guidance CLU - FOFailed Audiometer CLU - FOFailed Language Battery CLU - FOFailed Polygraph - FCI CLU - FOFailed Polygraph - Series II CLU - FOFederal Employee - No Far Except. D. With whom will the information be shared? Reports state that Greene was a foreign-born FBI contract linguist. The location has not yet been determined. Depending on the results in various examinations, the applicant may be designated as 1. 4. FY 2021 Forecast - PDF | Excel Please Note: FBI's forecast is forthcoming and will be added when it becomes available. I interviewed at Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (Reno, NV) in October 2019. G. Is a system of records being created under Section 552a of Title 5, United States Code, (commonly referred to as the "Privacy Act")? The sources of applicant information are the general public (including all Federal employees and U. S. citizens). Applicants will initially enter personal identifying information; then answer a series of registration questions. CLU will post vacancy announcements on its internet website and contract linguists, translators, monitors, testers/raters will submit employment applications via the web. CLU advises that its current processes are inefficient. A Privacy Act Statement will also be included on the website.CLASS will screen applicants based upon criteria established by CLU and will forward the information to CLU for review. Reviews from Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) employees about working as a Linguist at Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Contract Tester—This job requires only passage of the English and foreign language speaking test. Upon receipt of information from SecD during the various stages of the background investigation process, CLU personnel will enter information into CLASS. Learn about Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. ... and 959 Contract Linguists. Ultimately, CLASS will improve contract linguist hiring efficiency during the preliminary screening process, testing and assessment phase, the background investigation and suitability phase, and the contract initiation and payment cycles. This can be either part- or full-time, and the assignment may be temporary. FBI Special Agent Selection Process All You Need to Know to Apply General Information The Big Picture The Special Agent Selection System (SASS) is a mentally and physically challenging process designed to identify the most capable applicants. Visit to learn more or apply and start your adventure as an FBI linguist today. The Completion of a full PIA and referral to the Privacy Council also is not required.ADDENDUM ACLASS - DATA FIELDSBACKGROUND TABLE, FIELDS DESCRIPTION SOURCEFIELDOFFICE Processing Field Office ApplicantRECFIELDOFFICE Receiving Field Office SSN Social Security Number ApplicantLASTNAME Applicant's Last Name ApplicantFIRSTNAME Applicant's First Name ApplicantMI Applicant's Middle Initial ApplicantDOCLU Date Case Opened TYPE Contract Linguist (CL) or Language Specialist (LS) ApplicantCLTOLSCONVERSION Is the Candidate an On-Board CL Now Being Considered for an LS Position? CLASS will contain personally identifiable information regarding individuals and information will be retrieved by name or personal identifier. You’ll begin as a “contract linguist,” which means, basically, that you are self-employed and providing services to the FBI. The information collected includes the following personal identifying information: name, social security number, date of birth, citizenship information, military service information, place of birth, home address, home and cellular telephone numbers, fax number, e-mail address, and case id number. FBI Linguists are well compensated with salaries that range from $33,000 to $78,000 per year, but many of the professionals who provide linguistics services are not full time employees but rather contractors. Depending on the results in various examinations, the applicant may be designated as. In administering the program, CLU contracts with linguists, language monitors, testers/raters, trainers, interpreters and tutors. After completion, the test will be graded and the results will be sent back to the FBI (LTAU) via encrypted channel. Furthermore, CLASS will also include a function which will permit CLU to process invoices electronically. Applicants will also enter resume information covering periods of current and past employment; and answer a series of questions that are specifically keyed to the position for which the individual is applying. Linguist Yolanda speaks about her experience working for the FBI. The second portion follows a similar format but provides English samples that must be translated. FBI Linguist Salary and Job Benefits. Information will also be used by management to evaluate contract linguist hiring processing times and potential processing problems. Those who make it through the process become part of an elite team that keeps our country safe. If the application is approved, the applicant must take three exams in foreign language proficiency. CLU will review applicant materials and select applicants for referral to the Language Testing and Assessment Unit (LTAU). You also must be a U.S. citizen. LTAU will forward the name and identifying information of the applicant to the Department of Defense, Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) which will transmit an appropriate language test to a third-party testing center via encrypted channels. Education CLU - FODerog. Contract Linguist—This is an introductory position that requires successful completion of all three exams. Be aware that the background investigation process can take a year or more. All FBI translator candidates are subject to a pre-employment vetting process that eliminates over 90% of those who apply. Over the phone with 2 individuals. Employment CLU - FODerog. The FBI is seeking Contract Linguists in Chicago, IL and has openings for applicants proficient in Chinese (all dialects), Arabic (all dialects), Somali, Russian and Farsi. The FBI needs accounting professionals to help identify financial irregularities that could indicate criminal activity. But FBI linguists may also be called upon to provide foreign language and cultural expertise in many more languages. A new Privacy Act systems notice is not required. Travel opportunities for this role are possible. The Applicant will schedule the test in CLASS. One of the CLU's major programs is the Contract Linguist Applicant Processing and Suitability Program (Contract Linguist Program) which screens and selects qualified contract linguist applicants, coordinates all phases of pre-contract vetting and ensures the completion of background investigations and suitability determinations. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is an agency of the United States Department of Justice that serves as both a federal criminal investigative body and an internal intelligence agency. Those who complete the process … Most linguists first join the Bureau as a contract linguist, in which case, various areas may be de-emphasized. Since September 11, 2001, the FBI has significantly ramped up its linguistics division so that almost 77 percent of the world’s languages may be immediately translated. Information from CLASS will also be shared with other FBI divisions on a need to know basis (i.e., field offices who have requested translation services). According to a business process engineering firm hired by the FBI to study the linguist hiring process, over 70 percent of the processing time is spent waiting in queue (that is, work is not being performed on the applications because of personnel, space, technology, or facilities bottlenecks). Listening and reading—This exam will be in the form of a multiple choice test, in which the candidate will be provided written samples or hear conversations. The … CLU currently processes applications to the program via several Access databases, spread sheets and paper forms. The information will be used to screen applicants, schedule foreign language tests, test and assess applicants, and track background investigation/suitability determinations. Lastly, information may be shared with authorized law enforcement and intelligence community members for legitimate investigative and intelligence purposes in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Salary information comes from 5 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job … Special Agent-Counterintelligence Division, Special Agent-Criminal Investigations Division, Investigative, Operation & Surveillance Support. Follow the link to DOJ's opportunities. Contract Linguists are required to work on-site and perform work as mutually agreed upon with the local FBI office. ; background security/suitability information such as drug usage history, medical/psychological information, criminal violation information, military records, credit/financial information, polygraph examination results and language testing and hiring information. Applicants will also provide a self-assessment of language skills which will help determine viability. CLU - FOHired (LS Only) CLU - FOISU - Denied Access CLU - FOLack of Candor CLU - FOMedical/Psychological CLU - FONo Current Need - Monitor CLU - FONo Longer Interested ApplicantNo Need in Any FO CLU - FONo Show for Language Testing CLU - FONot a U.S. Citizen CLU - FONot Currently Available CLU - FOOther CLU - FOReconciliation Adjustment - No Record CLU - FOReferred to Tiger Team CLU - FORemoved from Contract - Performance CLU - FOUnresponsive to Field CLU - FOUpgrade Approved - Previous Approval CLU - FO, DESCRIPTION - LINGUIST TYPE SOURCEContract Admin (CSC) CLUContract Language Monitor CLUContract Linguist CLULanguage Monitor CLULanguage Specialist CLUTACL CLU, CLASS - DATA FIELDSTABLES: ACCESS, AGENCY, CLEARANCE TYPE, and AD CAMPAIGN DESCRIPTION - ACCESS SOURCE1 - Escorted CLU2 - Unescorted CLU3 - Restricted Unescorted CLU, DESCRIPTION - AGENCY SOURCEDLS ABSI METRO LCE FBI SOS PARA FSI DoD CIA NSA Termseek, DESCRIPTION - CLEARANCE TYPE SOURCESecret CLUTop Secret CLU, DESCRIPTION - AD CAMPAIGN SOURCEEmployee Referrals Homepage Monster Board National Security Education Program US Copts, CLASS - DATA FIELDSTABLES: MISCONDUCT MATTERS AND MISCONDUCT TYPE, FIELDS - MISCONDUCT MATTERS SOURCEStatus Date Opened and Assigned LAAU Analyst Field Office Final Adjudication Last Name First Name 260F Case ID Allegation 1 Allegation 2 Allegation 3 Date Letter Uploaded to Appropriate ALS File Task Description LAAU Primary SecDiv Primary Notes, DESCRIPTION - MISCONDUCT TYPE SOURCEArrest - DWI Assault and Battery Disruptive Behavior Divided Loyalty - Unavailable for Assignment Failure to Abide by Office Rules Lack of Candor PARM - DI Polygraph - Access Not Suspended PARM - DI Polygraph - Access Suspended Security Violation - General Sexual Abuse - Other Employment Sexual Harassment T&A Fraud Theft Unauthorized Disclosure - Sensitive/Classified Unauthorized Use of FBI Telephones, is an official site of the U.S. government, U.S. Department of Justice, Department of Justice/FBI Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs), Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS). This PIA is conducted pursuant to the E-Government Act of 2002, P.L. If the applicant passes the oral examination, the applicant will be referred to the Security Division (SecD) for a background suitability determination. The database will use a role-based model for controlling access to the system. Information will be shared within CLU to administer the Contract Linguist Program. Mirza gave an overview of the role of contract linguists in the FBI and the rigorous selection process to become one. Beta.Sam.Gov website is the government wide repository for federal contracting opportunities greater than $25,000. Services Section for the FBI. Accordingly, CLASS will contain background/suitability information such as polygraph dates/results, background investigatory information such as drug usage history, credit/financial issues, criminal violations (i.e., arrests), derogatory employment/military information, medical information such as sexual abuse, and employment misconduct information such as security violations, etc. FBI. Applicants will be provided with an opportunity to consent to the uses of the information via the online employment application. CLU staff members will conduct quarterly audits to ensure that employees possess the appropriate level of access to CLASS data, as well as to ensure that access is terminated for employees who leave CLASS or no longer require access to particular data sets. The applicant should possess outstanding proficiency in the areas of writing, reading, aural comprehension and speaking of the foreign language as well as English. The FBI hired approximately 175 language analysts and contract linguists last year, many of whom are former language teachers. Contract Linguists are considered self-employed and are not eligible to receive government benefits. Speaking—The applicant must conduct a structured interview with native speakers over a telephone. Furthermore, the FBI’s greatest need is in certain offices like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Juan. CLASS Application Data Sets are attached as Addendum A. Applicants will be further advised that the refusal to provide information or to submit to foreign language testing may have adverse consequences (i.e., if an applicant refuses to take a foreign language proficiency examination, the applicant will not be hired). 107-347, the accompanying guidelines issued by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on September 26, 2003, and the FBI's PIA guidelines. The FBI-managed National Virtual Translation Center (NVTC) provides timely, accurate, and cost-effective translations for the U.S. Intelligence Community and other federal agencies. Gave basic overview of job and what they are doing. 3. Information from CLASS may also be shared with the National Virtual Translation Center (NVTC) which acts as a clearinghouse for facilitating interagency use of translators and identifies translator resources. CLASS will be a web-based system which will reside on a server located at FBIHQ or at a remote location. However, according to our review of the FBI’s data, it now takes the FBI 16 months on average to hire a contract linguist. Applicants must create a password and user ID to submit applications via CLASS. In the past, the FBI relied on private firms or interpreters to contract services, but in the years following 9/11, the bureau has placed a greater emphasis on in-house linguistic services. Users of CLASS will be limited to applicants and FBI personnel. Prior to procuring CLASS, CLU examined the possibility of using Quickhire to process applicants to the contract linguist program, but determined that because Quickhire does not maintain a workflow management platform which would permit CLU to generate reports and process invoices, there was no reasonable alternative to proceeding with the development of CLASS.
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