The data and findings collected from this study was coded and analysed to provide context and meaning. To examine the combined effect of macro and micro economic indicators on the financial performance of non-financial firms listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE). %PDF-1.7 Proprietary approaches offering sophisticated functionality seem likely to emerge and take precedence of the trial and error approach. Introduction the word paradigm can be used to mean either approach or design. A research paradigm is an approach or a research model to conducting a research that has been verified by the research community for long and that has been in practice for hundreds of years. © 2012: John R. Cutcliffe, Henry G. Harder, and Nova Southeastern University. Thus, identified Aston Villa FC as the most efficient football club on EPL during the period investigated. The elusive and intangible nature of the knowledge work represents a major challenge for the management community. However, not enough is known about the spoken and written accuracy of language production in the Malaysian context. Quantitative research is used in both natural and social sciences. We compare and contrast the approaches taken at three demographically different universities and consider these in the context of Delone and McLean’s information system success model (1992). also precisely defines and examines different research methodologies, approaches and methods. work or paradigm that is most important to them. It is likely that user-friendly proprietary platforms will prosper in the climate of uncertainty. This implies even though women are aware of RH problems, they have little awareness that GBV causes RH problems. Qualitative research methods Each of the research approaches involve using one or more data collection methods.These are some of the most common qualitative methods: Observations: recording what you have seen, heard, or encountered in detailed field notes. Similarly, Ravitch and Carl (2015) argued the added benefit of employing multiple resources enhanced the validity of case study findings through triangulation. Although there are books on research methods that discuss, Qualitative research has withstood many challenges on its way to becoming a credible research paradigm, though it remains the case that the paradigm contains ongoing methodological debates. Keywords: Performance, Efficiency, Input/output orientations, Football, The objective of this study is to investigate how Digital Storytelling helped enhance learners' language accuracy, and the learners' perceptions on Task Condition and Task Difficulty in implementing Digital Storytelling. Interested in research on Business Research? There have been numerous researches in the areas of English as a second language, language proficiency, the language skills and learner motivation. To explore the extent to which forensic accounting has been integrated into. Considering, psychological/mental health problems, 39 % are aware of the problem of depression and anxiety, while 35.7 % of the respondents reported awareness about post-traumatic stress disorder. Therefore, the health care sector needs to make significant impact by publicizing and addressing violence against women to reduce RH problems. An Assessment of Performance and Efficiency of Team-Based Organizations: Empirical Evidence of English Premier League (EPL) using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and Naturalistic Approach (NA) 2005 to 2016. research is still growing and becoming more differentiated in methodological To obtain rich and thick data, data was triangulated via reflective journal entries and vlog. Bu doğrultuda bu çalışmada, "Bir tezin veya bilimsel makalenin problemi, araştırma soruları, amacı, önemi, sınırlılıkları ve varsayımları nasıl ifade edilir?" The befuddlement caused by a range of new terminology relating to the philosophy of knowledge is unnecessary when all that you are the study gives an overview of the historical development of both methods, the paradigms and interpretative Then, the data was analysed via thematic and document analysis to investigate written and spoken accuracy and, explore how participants respond to the elements in Task Condition and Task Difficulty. Based on this study's results, Leaders, supervisors, and managers are those employees having a substantial role in the performance, development, failure, and success of an organization. There are two major approaches to research that can be used To establish if the impact of bank systemic risk on firms' investment in Africa is moderated by firm characteristics. According to them a research paradigm is an, an interpretative framework that guides the e, ontological level, positivists assume that r, thus, reality is socially constructed, socially constructed) is only through social c, judge or evaluate, and refine interpretive t, 2.2 Epistemological Issues in Business Resea, For positivists, who are evolved largely from a nineteenth-century philosophical approach, the purpose of, specifically; they tend to be non-manipulat, generate as they socially interact (Neuman, 20, naturalistic observation are the most widely used data gatherin, 2.3 Methodological Issues in Business Resea, laboratory, rather it can only be studied as a, collection of qualitative data (i.e., non-numerical, Researchers advocating mixed research argue that that, confirmatory methods in one’s research (J, and-effect relationships that enable them to, being studied. �ED�/.Ds*��4O0�?�t�3�N3ᓮ,B-l1�!�tm>�PdX���W���%���u���}�"c-�DxԼ2[%sg',� I�#�! Based on the literature reviewed, recommendations are suggested that could be used by the organization to develop stronger productivity measurement systems. A researcher must therefore choose the paradigm within which ;����cuh_e&t�x��!� :��=���=�0���"zA)�i��[��`���Itv`�L�h�Jt����zfb �heR�~")��F�T"O@�t�\��[�4��Bc�!z8е� U$W�M�*!0%s�t|��q����3���;~�h"fW�\����]�G��v�`��oF��63U���H�C�3�h�;M���9�a����$�zT^�U���m�栃�da���H�ʼpWx!�ˁ!n���� �Dt��vd���tN�Y>#�@�AH�w:��S�yx�.�5�� Methods: To attain the objective of this study, mixed research approach with cross sectional concurrent research design was employed. The discipline needs to be systematized for efficient implementation, and must deliver tangible benefits over time. The organization seems to still prefer to rely on traditional performance systems that show inefficient when applying to knowledge workers. As Bryman (2004) articulates (see chapter 1) the tension between interpretivist and positivist approaches in a political debate about the nature, importance and capacity of different research methods. The study seeks to identify the Football Club(s) that could be regarded as most efficient using a mixed methodological approach combining Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) with Naturalistic Approach (NA). iii ‫البحث‬ ‫خالصة‬ ABSTRACT IN ARABIC ‫اهلدف‬ ‫من‬. Why one paradigm is quantitative while other is qualitative in nature? Every research uses one of the research paradigms to use as a guideline for developing research methodology and to take on the research venture in a manner that is … QUALITATIVE RESEARCH PAPER 45 Abstract The abstract consists of 150 to 250 words in a single paragraph, see APA 6th Publication Manual section 2.04 for guidelines regarding items to be included. Çalışma ile sosyal bilimler alanında bilimsel yayın yapmak isteyen araştırmacılara rehberlik edilmesi umulmaktadır. Like ontology, the epistemological philosophy presents positivism and interpretivism as the two strands of knowledge in studying social phenomena, ... Like ontology, the epistemological philosophy presents positivism and interpretivism as the two strands of knowledge in studying social phenomena (Antwi and Hamza, 2015). In mixed research, the qualitative and quantitative parts of a study can be conducted concurrently (conducting both parts at roughly the same time) or sequentially (conducting one part first and then the second) to address a research question or a set of related questions, To explore the trade-off between liquidity and profitability, The project seeks to evaluate the state of forensic accounting education and fraud detection and prevention in Africa. Essentials of Research Design and Methodology. considered to be objective. Pure qualitative research relies on the collection of qualitative data (i.e., nonnumerical data such as words and pictures) and follows the other characteristics of the qualitative research paradigm shown in Table 2.1. Its way of seeing the world, inspired from science, represented that newness the society needed for a general social change. Although all the studies and discussions around this subject throughout the decades, there is still not a definitive approach to address the productivity of knowledge workers. Forensic Accounting Education and Fraud Detection and Prevention in Africa, Bank Systemic Risk and Firm Investment in Africa, The Impact of Economic Indicators on Financial Performance of Non-financial Firms on Ghana Stock Exchange. The most recent research paradigm put forward by many theorists and practitioners in order to overcome the paradigmatic schism is ‘pragmatism’. and "How to express the findings, conclusions, discussions, and recommendations of a thesis or scientific article?". ܐ�IRQf��Ny�9`�^GƸ2y�Eq@�4O�0A���ޛ�/0�h��./v�Q��!Vg��[�u�� �l�]���dݑ/��5��"t��9�D���B;�����Ƥ���'� ����L D���W4�i�g�+���%[RY!��P�W��r���|;{-f�o�����=�>¬�}��� � It also show (55.9 %) of the respondents reported they are aware RH problem can be due to violence, while 44.1 % of as they were unaware. While it is accurate that research methodologies are somewhat fluid in that they are, Recently, due to increasing interest in cross-cultural management, many organisational researchers are confronted with the issue of the adequacy of quantitative research methodology in cross-cultural research. Firmly tied to the nature of reality (ontology) is what constitutes the knowledge of reality (epistemology). to the trap that one research is better than the other, gain a basic understanding of qualitative and quantitative In the 14th week of the task, 13 errors were identified in written language, while 14 errors were found in spoken language. ABSTRACT In this study, the last stage of the thesis and article writing process in the field of social sciences is discussed. Additionally, the findings revealed the potential of Digital Storytelling as a powerful pedagogical tool in preparing learners with the 21st century skills, and engaging learners' in enhancing their soft skills, teamwork, engagement, creativity, and motivation. While encouraging a flexible approach in the choice of research methods or mixing of methods, it argues that ontological and epistemological beliefs do not prevent a qualitative researcher from utilizing data collection methods typically used in quantitative research approach. Like previous studies in sports literature, this study adopts similar variables but differs in the introduction of a discretionary variable Games’ Rate of Attraction (GROA). This rigor implies that researcher controls all other variables that can effect the study. (2019), The Manifestations of the Mediterranean Diet in Egyptian Intangible Cultural Heritage. The researcher physically goes to the people, setting, site, or institution to observe or record behavior in its natural setting.
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