This book, by linguist John McWhorter, is also fascinating, although his perspective is totally different from that of Pinker. Please analyze The Power of Babel by John McWhorter. Fri frakt fra {0} kr. The Power of Babel. For some strange reason, I am fascinated by the study of linguistics. John McWhorter’s The Power of Babel fits precisely into this definition of a good book. Since I speak at least four German dialects (Kölsch, Hessian, Platt and Hamburgian) in his vie. Reading this book has made me think that I really need to learn another language. It draws on Ali Mazrui's earlier work in its examination of the "triple heritage" of African culture, in which indigenous, Islamic, and Western traditions compete for influence. The power of Babel Item Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. For the most part, McWhorter avoids being prescriptive about language and tracks change in language as how language works — which you’d expect, or h. It’s been a little too long since I read this to write a detailed review, but on the whole I found it readable and interesting. The tower, of course, was the infamous Tower of Babel. The Power of Babel: A Natural History of Language | McWhorter, John H. | ISBN: 8601422820980 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. The Power Of Babel: A Natural History of Language - Ebook written by John McWhorter. So far this book has been alright.. it has a lot of details. The Old English of Beowulf is pretty much incomprehensible to us now; English speakers typically think it is more like German. Power of Babel is our go-to for multilingual solutions. To the credit of the author, he does point out that linguistics as a field to a large extent neglects historical linguistics. McWhorter also discusses current theories on what the first language might have been like, why dialects should not be considered "bad speech" and why most of today's languages will be extinct in 100 years. Two of particular interest to the language learner are his listing of linguistic obstacles and his discussions of how languages change and simplify over time. At times it began to feel belaboured in terms of the examples given and the detail gone into, though of course, I’ve also read various other books about linguistics and so I had some grounding in what I was reading already. November 19, 2018. Respond to study guide questions # 1 - 6 on 'The Power of Babel' 1. We've all heard and read about how languages can change in pronunciation over time, and how word meanings can evolve. The people who built the tower of Babel were driven by fundamental human concerns. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! John McWhorter’s The Power of Babel fits precisely into this definition of a good book. There are approximately six thousand languages on Earth today, each a descendant of the tongue first spoken by Homo sapiens some 150,000 years ago. Our mounting technological triumphs, though they can be used for good, can also cause us to forget God and rely on our own strength. But in the account in Gen 11:1-9, God denies their preferences. The historical-comparative method allows Whorter to bring example after example of the richness, variability and robustness of language. ", John McWhorter is a creologist (creolologist? EMBED (for hosted blogs and item tags) Want more? Although a specialist in historical linguistics may find little that is novel, the work introduces a whole new field to the nonspecialist in an engaging and entertaining fashion. But I do get the feeling sometimes that he's like that guy we all knew in college, the one who was totally into computers, say, and who, unlike most computer geeks, didn't have contempt for those of us who dissolved into panicky helplessness when our papers kept printing out with formatting so bizarre we could taste the "F" we were sure to get for our lateness and incompetence. This book by John McWhorter, whom I met a few weeks ago at the University of Wisconsin- Madison, is not only an erudite look at language, but is full of insights and is funny to boot. As a graduate student of historical linguistics, I often find myself asked to explain aspects of contemporary language change or the reconstruction of proto-languages to interested friends or family. 1, reference p. 18- 35 for criteria discussion) Power of Babel’s dedication to customer service and flexibility is why they are always our first choice. 271-282. Paperback (Reprint) $ 17.99. Der Autor bringt sowohl eigene Erfahrungen mit ein als auch viele ausführliche Erläuterungen. The Power of Babel is one of the first comprehensive studies of the complex linguistic constellations of Africa. John McWhorter looks at language from a whole new angle. McWhorter's style of writing is informative without being boring. Mine was **not** an intellectual family; so I spent my very early morning hours reading about linguistics - even the forbidden area of auxiliary languages. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. I enjoyed reading this book. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Harper Perennial; Softcover Edition (January 1, 2003), The perfect successor after the loss of Mario Pei, Reviewed in the United States on February 23, 2020. The power of Babel: “Pure language” as intertranslation. EMBED. Compelling, enchanting, super=interesting and fascinating, Reviewed in the United States on February 20, 2020, In my opinion, Dr. John McWhorter is one of the best, if not the best, linguists around in terms of teaching and writing ability. Também permite conhecer um pouco de regras gramaticais inusitadas em línguas mais distantes da nossa. of which I was basically ignorant) that is the focus of one chapter and then pops up in smatterings of analysis elsewhere. Alberto Manguel. Some other reviewers have referred to the book's "cheesy humor" or other lack of seriousness. I won’t stop thinking about this book for a while. McWhorter does what good popularizers do: he makes complicated ideas accessible to lay readers without condescension. A VERY INTERESTING, EASY TO READ, BOOK ON LANGUAGES AND LINGUISTICS, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on April 6, 2013. When the Detective Chimp made his first appearance in the pages of Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #4, the character was, unsurprisingly, not to be taken particularly seriously. Unfortunately, I don't have much of a gift of simplifying the field for average people, and I've longed for a simple introduction that I could recommend. I guess I shouldn't be surprised - this is his basic MO on his podcast, Lexicon Valley, too, but I guess it is more tolerable in spoken than written form. Der Fokus liegt hierbei auf dem Englischen, es werden jedoch auch Phänomene aus anderen Sprachen, inklusive des Deutschen, vorgestellt und diskutiert. The Old English of Beowulf is pretty much incomprehensible to us now; English speakers typically think it is more like German. They wanted to build a tower to reach heaven. 07.08.13. by LindsayLand. Some good information if you are looking to understand why language has changed and developed throughout history. The good part is that the book is pretty comprehensible, despite its scientific purpose; the bad part - not everything is interesting [to me] and there's no way I'll remember everything I want to. As I switched my major from economics to sociology in 1968, his vision of a "Global Village" was a North Star. The story is called Babel because that word means a confusing noise made by a number of voices, and to this day, that language barrier still exists across the world. While laying out how languages mix and mutate over time, linguistics professor John McWhorter reminds us of the variety within the species that speaks them, and argues that, contrary to popular perception, language is not immut. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. To see what your friends thought of this book. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. However, the author has a command for anecdote and historical perspective that renders the work quite inspiring. This book just reminded me of how amazing languages are and just how much I love linguistics. I don't know if professional linguists will accept the thesis or its argument, but to me was an extremely lucid and enlightneing book. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Published April 15, 2000 Updated April 15, 2000 . McWhorter’s own language is a pleasure to read. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. 3, No. According to Genesis, the Babylonians wanted to make a name for themselves by building a mighty city and a tower “with its top in the heavens.” Good to read if you know more than 2 "languages". This is helpful as well, and once I adjusted my expectations I found it interesting and informative. The Tower of Babel Their have a team of experts who are always willing to guide us through the language versioning process. The medium’s-the-message man. A good book is thought-provoking in such a way that it promotes the reader to extend the author’s argument outside the confines of the author’s subject. January 7th 2003 According to the story, a united human race in the generations following the Great Flood, speaking a single language and migrating eastward, comes to the land of Shinar (שִׁנְעָר ‎). How does language change? “Language overlaps with culture but is not subsumed by it”, “In Greenlandic Eskimo, “I should stop drinking” is Iminngernaveersaartunngortussaavunga”, The Most Anticipated YA Books of December. It gives a nice view how did languages get some "dammit" (difficulties) after they evolved such as conjugation, tone, gender, etc. It draws on Ali Mazrui's earlier work in its examination of the "triple heritage" of African culture, in which indigenous, Islamic, and Western traditions compete for influence. Didn’t know I was that smart. The Power of Babel is one of the first comprehensive studies of the complex linguistic constellations of Africa. -Not only to gain a new perspective and understand another culture more deeply, but also to understand English more.. As many of our words have been shared from other languages. Very well written popular science book on linguistics, never got too technical and was always interesting.
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